Michael Sacchitello, CMT is President & Founder of Extract Analytics LLC. Michael has spent the past 20 years honing his craft along a diverse path that includes stints at some of Wall Street’s most storied institutions. 

Michael formerly served as a member of the DCM Derivative Sales team at Cantor Fitzgerald, where he served as a technical strategist on one of the firm's proprietary trading desks. Michael also served as Chief Technical Analyst at Oxford Economics (formerly Stone & McCarthy Research Associates), where he translated the interaction between economic, monetary, and cross-asset forces into actionable intelligence for the firm’s sophisticated client base of central bank representatives, economists, hedge fund managers and traders. Michael began his career learning the science of asset selection and allocation as an Investment Assistant at J.P. Morgan Asset Management in New York City. 

Michael is a member of the Chartered Market Technicians Association, where he serves as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and writes questions for Level III exams. He obtained his Chartered Market Technician designation in 2006. Michael has been a repeat lecturer at the Rutgers Business School on the subject of Intermarket Analysis and is often quoted by major financial news outlets.  


Providing customized strategies and unbiased reporting platforms is what we do.

If experience has taught us anything, it's that even the staunchest fundamental practitioners respect that financial instruments often overshoot their intrinsic value. After two decades of producing institutional-level research, we've developed a unique set of data-enhanced tools that help quantify qualitative price pattern signals and deliver actionable insights within a fundamental framework.   

Whether you're looking for proprietary idea generation, unique, unbiased research or a quantified technical overlay to help you better understand the price and time limitations of your own investment thesis, our ability to extract and optimize key bits of market data to deliver evidence-based technical intelligence is what sets us apart. 


Leveraging data to establish price and time expectations is how we help.

Extract Analytics brings 20 years of mutual fund, macro market and institutional trading desk experience to its customers. Not only has this record of producing bespoke research to meet the needs of central bank representatives, traders, hedge fund managers and RIAs taught us how to cater to the industry's diverse needs it has also taught us the importance of conviction. You'll never see a question mark on one of our charts.  

We excel at developing strategies that cater to your short, medium and long-term positioning needs, with an emphasis on tactical alpha generation, customized research and event-driven strategies.




We offer a suite of newsletters called Extract Essentials. These publications were borne from two decades of mutual fund, macro economic and leveraged institutional trading desk experience. These publications are designed to complement each other by combining volatility-based market-timing tools with factor-based alpha generation and contrarian insights.  



Cost-Effective Outsourcing Solutions


Strategy Enhancement & Overlays: Quantified technical overlays provide a powerful complement to your fundamental work

Portfolio Reviews: Event-driven reports offer clients unmatched insight into how they should be positioning ahead of key fundamental events like earnings reports, portfolio adjustment periods and monetary policy decisions

Scenario Testing: Extract, detrend and test the data to generate statistical evidence to help build your market-based hypothesis

Stakeholder Engagement​: White Label and other content services that provide your clients and shareholders insights that are unique and actionable